Loose weight and stay healthy!

15. März 2012 @ 16:58
posted by Bernhard

Nothing has changed in your lifestyle. You are eating the same things, you are exercising the same way as in earlier days. But your weight is increasing! Why that? The main problem: between 40 and 50 years of age your body needs less calories. Even if you exercise constantly. But do you really train as hard as you did 20 years ago? Are you really as physically active as an teeanager?
We all prefer a more sedentary lifestyle when we grow older. And we also loose about 20-40% of our metabolic power in the same time. From this it follows that we will gain weight from storing fat. If someone already has overweight the problem of slowing down the lifestyle and the decline of metabolic power leads to an unavoidable weight gain.
Genetics, hormonal changes or certain medication are ohter reasons. Ok, perhaps you could change your medication- if you take some pills. But neihter you can fight against the human genetic program, nor against hormonal changes. Especially if you are female.
But there are more bad news. Even if you train as hard as Arnold, you´ll never look again like a Fight-Club-Heroe or a Baywatch-Model.
So what can you do to fight every inch of your hip? Ther are a number of strategies that will boost your metabolism!